Commercial Property Insurance

How much business could we actually do without computers, files, furniture and product inventory?  Protect these key components against the devastating effects of their loss with a commercial property insurance policy.

When most of us think of commercial property insurance, thoughts may gravitate towards large objects such as buildings. But it’s often the smallest pieces of commercial property that are most important to your business.

A commercial property insurance policy will help you survive the loss of any vital property, whether large or small. With this policy, you will be protected for the replacement cost of all of your vital property.

Worried about the costs?

Don’t be. Commercial property insurance policies can be customized to your specific needs.

Business commercial property insurance can protect your business – from a minor setback to catastrophic loss. If you own your building, lease a workspace, or work from home, business property insurance protects your business’ physical assets.

While commercial property insurance plans vary depending on the kind of business and type of property insured, they are usually categorized by the type of event leading to a loss, and by what specifically is insured, including:

  • Destruction of your building and its contents by fire
  • Damage to your documents, drawings or other valuable papers caused by a burst water pipe
  • Outdoor sign or other property damaged in a storm

What Commercial Property Insurance covers

Small business property insurance is one of the most important investments that you will make to protect the future of your business. Here are some of the important aspects of your business that commercial property insurance can help protect:

  • Your building
  • Your outdoor sign
  • Your furniture and equipment
  • Your inventory
  • Your fence and landscaping
  • Other’s property

The Licensed Agents at Ozark Insurance Agency understand your business is unique. That is why it is  IMPORTANT that you tell them about every aspect of your business so that they can better understand the exposures that you may have.

The Ozark Insurance Agency Difference

You may think you want the cheapest insurance you can find, but realize you may not be getting everything you bargained for…

While most insurance products are similar in price and function, insurance providers are very different when it comes to structuring a policy that actually covers you.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy when it comes to your business.